Gionix MZ1 Engine Control Unit4-cylinder gasoline engine control unit.

Gionix MZ1 is a the first engine control unit (ECU) developed and produced by Gionix, it provides real-time control of air-fuel mixture, ignition timing, and a variety of other functions, delivering efficient, reliable and economical operation of internal combustion engine. MZ1 is specifically designed for 4-cylinder gasoline engines. This unit supports the following standards:

  • Euro-3
  • Euro-4
  • Euro-5
  • EOBD
  • Flexible configuration of the unit to meet the needs of the client.
  • Sufficient level of hardware performance combined with efficient software allows to meet customers high demands and emission requirements.
  • Small body size, the use of FR4 PCB and sealed enclosure offers significant installation flexibility in the vehicle interior and under the hood.
  • Highly sensitive knock channel with digital signal processing (DSP) can significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • With external Peak&Hold allow two-fuel LPG control strategy.
  • Calibration using a high-performance equipment ETAS ETK and cheap CAN XCP.
  • Model-based air-charge estimation and torque control.
  • Linear EGR control strategy.
  • In-house designed OSEK compatible RTOS.
  • Fixed-point math libs.
  • Modular design.
  • Bootloader with encryption.
  • Dimensions: 205x105x41 mm
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Protection rating: IP50 or IP6K9K
  • Connector: 81 pin
  • Microcontroller: 16-bit with 832Kb Flash
  • CAN: x1
  • KLine x2
  • Injectors:  up to x4
  • Ignition coils: up to x4
Part number Engine Vehicle Options
TF69Y0-3763000-60 GM A15SMS 1,5L 8V ZAZ Lanos Euro-4, old inst. clust.
TF69Y0-3763000-60F GM A15SMS 1,5L 8V ZAZ Lanos Euro-4
SF69Y0-3763100 GM F15S3 1,5L 8V ZAZ Vida Euro-4
TF69Y0-3763105 AG GM A15SMS 1,5L 8V ZAZ Lanos Euro-5, external LPG drivers
TF698K-3763105 AG MeMZ-307 1,3L 8V ZAZ Sens Euro-5, external LPG drivers
SF69Y0-3763105 AG GM F15S3 1,5L 8V ZAZ Vida Euro-5, external LPG drivers
SF6950-3763105 AG Chery SQR477F 1,5L 16V ZAZ Vida Euro-5, external LPG drivers
TF69Y0-3763105 A1 GM A15SMS 1,5L 8V ZAZ Lanos Euro-5
SF69Y0-3763105 A1 GM F15S3 1,5L 8V ZAZ Vida Euro-5
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Gionix developed unique software and hardware for updating engine control unit software, which is actively used by our specialists in the vehicle manufacturing process. All works on the project were performed at a high technical level, surpassing the initially set requirements.
Gionix was chosen as a developer and supplier of equipment for the “Automotive Building Plant no. 2” PJSC “Automobile Company” Bogdan Motors” due to the fact that the Gionix is the only company in Ukraine with considerable experience in the field of development of modern engine control systems and testing of internal combustion engines.

Vladislav Ilyenko
Technical Director, Bogdan Motors

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