Gionix MZ2 Engine Control UnitModern 4- to 8-cylinder gasoline and bi-fuel engine control unit.

Gionix MZ2 is a modern engine control unit (ECU), an electronic device that performs a central role in engine control, it provides real-time control of air-fuel mixture, ignition timing, and a variety of other functions, delivering efficient, reliable and economical operation of internal combustion engine. MZ2 is specifically designed for 4- to 8-cylinder gasoline and bi-fuel engines. This unit supports the following standards:

  • up to Euro-6 and ready for future emission standards
  • EOBD
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Gionix developed unique software and hardware for updating engine control unit software, which is actively used by our specialists in the vehicle manufacturing process. All works on the project were performed at a high technical level, surpassing the initially set requirements.
Gionix was chosen as a developer and supplier of equipment for the “Automotive Building Plant no. 2” PJSC “Automobile Company” Bogdan Motors” due to the fact that the Gionix is the only company in Ukraine with considerable experience in the field of development of modern engine control systems and testing of internal combustion engines.

Vladislav Ilyenko
Technical Director, Bogdan Motors

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