Vehicle Diagnostic Systemonline diagnostics & maintenance

Being a developer and supplier of engine control units for both OEM manufacturers and their dealer network, we at Gionix created comprehensive online diagnostic system.

Our diagnostic system provides all features needed to diagnose, service, repair and maintain a vehicle. The online architechture allows to make the flexible, cost-effective and robust distributed multiuser diagnostic system, that can be used not only on PC, but on tablets and smartphones.

Features and Benefits

• Ease of diagnosis.
• Access to a global knowledge base and documentation.
• Automatic software updates.
• Instant technical service bulletins broadcasting.
• Access to the vehicle’s diagnostic history.
• Remote access to live diagnostic data and reports.

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Gionix developed unique software and hardware for updating engine control unit software, which is actively used by our specialists in the vehicle manufacturing process. All works on the project were performed at a high technical level, surpassing the initially set requirements.
Gionix was chosen as a developer and supplier of equipment for the “Automotive Building Plant no. 2” PJSC “Automobile Company” Bogdan Motors” due to the fact that the Gionix is the only company in Ukraine with considerable experience in the field of development of modern engine control systems and testing of internal combustion engines.

Vladislav Ilyenko
Technical Director, Bogdan Motors

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