Founded in 2006, Gionix is known for its cutting edge and innovative software and hardware solutions. We believe that the development and production of control units is an art and pay special attention to quality and cost-effectiveness of our products. Attention to detail allows us to create control units offering excellent engine performance, driveability, high reliability, quality and low price.

Areas of expertise

We offer complete turnkey solutions, including engine control unit, calibration system, in-vehicle calibration services and advanced diagnostic software. We provide efficient support to our customers, which allows you to forget about any problems with control units at all stages of your product life-cycle.

Our Approach

Gionix work in close partnership with our clients for their continued success. Our involvement does not end after actual delivery and extends to ongoing technical support. We also extend technical support to the end users, who use the solutions developed by Gionix. This multi-tier support by Gionix benefits our clients enormously in the long run in building their own customer relationships.

Our Team

Gionix team strength is regularly improved to meet the needs of our clients. Our engineers have a high level of expertise and rich multi-industry experience in embedded development and are highly motivated to live up to our motto that development is an art.

Industry Recognition

Gionix MZ1 and MZ2 engine control units are the only Ukraninan product that comply to European emission standards up to Euro-5 (ongoing Euro-6 certification) and delivered on conveyor of JSC “Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant”.

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